YKK 200kw High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motor

YKK 200kw High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motor

  • Model NO.: YKK YKS Y2
  • Brand: TZMOTAI
  • Housing: Welded Steel Plate / Cast Iron
  • Cooling Method: IC511,IC611,IC81W
  • Standard: JB/T7128-93
  • Fan: Steel
  • Transport Package: Wooden Case
  • HS Code: 8501530090
  • Terminal Box: Cast Iron
  • Specification: High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motor
  • Origin: China
  • Production Capacity: 500PCS/Month
  • Voltage: 3kv,3.3kv, 6kv, 6.6kv,10kv,11kv,13kv,13.8kv
  • Output Power: 100-50000 Kw
  • Winding: 100% flat copper wire
  • Frame: 355~1000
  • Certification: ISO9001, CCC, CE
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    Product Description

    1. General introduction
    1)YKK ,YKS,Y2 Series high voltage three-phase asynchronous motors (Frame No.355-1000) mounting dimensions and tolerance are coincident with China standard GB755<Rotating Electrical Machines-Rating and Performance>, International Electrical committee standard IEC34-1<Rotating Electrical Machines-Rating and Performance>and machinery-profession standards JB/T/7593 JB/T10315.1 etc.
    The grade of protection for outer cover is in accordance with GB4942 and IEC34-5 <Rotating electrical machines- enclosure ingress protection>standard, there are four grades IP23, IPW24, IP44 and IP54. The IP23 grade can update to IP44(Tube Ventilation) according the customer’s request. Also provide other protective grade specially.
    The cooling method is according to the GB/T1993 and IEC34-6 standard <Cooling method of Rotating Electrical Machines>. There are three kinds of cooling method IC01,IC611 and IC81W. Also we can provide other cooling method according the customer request.
    The structure and mounting model is IMB3 (horizontal foot mounted) is in accordance with GB997 and IEC34-7 <Classification of types of construction and mounting arrangements for rotating electrical machines>(IM code) standards.
    YKK-series (2Kv~11Kv) squirrel-cage three phase asynchronous motor, is building on the advanced technology in the nation. The protection degree of the motor is of IP23(according toGb4942.1), and the cooling method is IC01(according to GB/T1993).
    The motors has a lot of advantages such as height efficiency, enerty-saving, low noise and vibration ,light weight and reilable performance. THey are easy for installation andmaintenance. The motor has high insulation class and moistureproof capacity.
    The motor is used to drive various mechanical equipments such as blowers, pumps, crushers, storkremoing machines and other  equipments. It can serve as the prime movers in coalmines, mechanical industries, powerplants and various industrial enterprises.
    2)Structure specification       
    The frame is made of steel plate being welded up into form of square tank shape with light weight and firm rigidity .
    Stator is a outer-press-assembly structure, the stator winding is a F grade insulation, at the winding’s end part being firm banded.
    The whole stator has been treated with VPI technology to make stator with a robust body and good electrical and moisture resistance.
    The rotor can be developed into two modes casting aluminum and copper bar mode. Casting aluminum rotor is casted with pure aluminum. Copper-bar rotor is made by copper bars wedges in the slots, then at the bar’s each end to be soldered with a end-ring by reliable soldering technology. At the end of process, it must be immersed in lacquer once to strengthen the integration.
    Either rolling or sleeve bearing may be adopted, the protection grade of bearing is IP54. For the rolling bearings mode, the rolling bearing must be lubricated with grease, and the motor must have oil-inlet and oil-exhaust devices, motor can also be non-stop oil injection. For the sleeve bearing mode, the oil supply system for the bearing must be prepared by customers. But the efficiency for sleeve bearing motor will be permitted a little decrease with respect of the technical data table and that is permissible in according with the relative stipulates of the standard issued by Ministry of Machine Building.
    The main terminal box is designed by Germany DIN standard. The grade of protection is IP54. The terminal box for standard motor is located at the right side (Viewed from axle extension). Also can be mounted at left side according customer’s requirement. The outlet hole of terminal box can face up, down, right and left four directions. There is a independent grounded device in the main terminal box.
    Normally the motors axle is single extension mode, the key is a planar key mode. We also can provide double shaft extension mode according customer’s requirement.
    We can install temperature measurements in stator and bearings. And install inner space heaters for moisture protecting during stoppage.3)The Implication of the symbol
    By GB4831 stipulation, the motor’s type is composed of product symbol and specification symbol in sequence.
    The product symbol is demons treated by motor series symbols, its implication is as following:
       Y———squirrel-cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motor.
    YKS——Enclosed squirrel-cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motor with air-water cooler
     YKK—— Enclosed squirrel-cage rotor three-phase asynchronous motor with air-air cooler
    The specification symbol is composed of centre height, iron-core length number and number of poles.
    Ykk 200kw High Voltage Squirrel Cage MotorDetails
    YKK series:

    • Frame sizes: 355-1000
    • Rated output: 185-8000kW
    • Insulation class: F
    • Degree of protection: IP54 /IP55
    • Enclosure: IC611
    • Mounting: Horizontal
    • Rotor: Squirrel cage
    • Bearing: Rolling bearing or sleeve bearing
    • Voltage: 6kV, 10kV

    2. Brief Construction
    The motor adopts compacted box structure, welding-jointed steel plate forits frame, light weight, rigid in construction, there is closed air to air coolers on the stator frame convenient for installation and maintenance.
    Stator winding adopts F class insulation and its end adopts firm binding. The whole stator adopts solvent-free varnish Vacuum pressure impregnation(VPI) to ensure the stator has excellent electric property and humidity resistance.
    Rotor is made of cast aluminium or copper bar. Aluminium rotor is made of pure aluminium, copper barwedging copper rotor enhances the entorety of rotor.
    The motor adopts rolling bering or sliding bering, according to the output power and rotary speed. Bearing protection grade normally is IP44. If the motor’s protect grade increases, so does the berings’. Rolling bearing adopts iubricating gresse and its grease charger and discharger can be charged or discharged without stopping the motor.
    The junction box is of IP54 protection grade and it is usually mounted on the motor’s right side(viewed from shaft extension end.) It is also can be mounted on the left side and its outlets have four optional orientations(up, down, left or right.) Separated grounding unit is available in main junction box, too.

    3. Working conditions and performance
    a) THe rated power supply is 6KV/50HZ, 10KV/50HZ.
    b) The insulation class is F, the protection degreeis IP44 or IP54.
    c) Height above sea level does not exceeding 1000 meters.
    d) Height environmental temperature<40ºC, lowest environmental temperature:rolling bering>-15ºC.silding bering>5ºC.
    e) The ambient air relative humidity does not exceed 95% and the mean monthly minimum temperature of current month does not exceed 25ºC
    f) The deviation between power voltage and rated voltage is less than5%.
    g) Rated frequency:50Hz+1%.
    h) Duty type:continuous duty type S1.
    i) Cooling method is IC611.

    Order requirement:
    Please indicate the motor type, rated output, rated voltage, rated frequency, synchronous speed, Explosion proof Mark, mounting type, protection grade, cooling method, rotation direction(view from the shaft extension side), using environment (indoor /outside).

    Comparison of different series High Voltage motors

    No. Squirrel-cage motor Y YKK YKS Y2
    Slip ring motor YR YRKK YRKS /
    1 Structure Box-type construction, made up of steel plates welded with each other Compact struction
    2 Cooling method IC01 or (IC11, IC21, IC31) IC611 or IC616 IC81W IC411
    3 Natural ventilation, with top mounted protection cover With top mounted air-air cooler With top mounted air-water cooler  
    4 Protection type IP23 IP44 or IP54 IP44 or IP54 IP54
    5 Insulation F
    6 Mounting arrangement IMB3
    7 Voltage available 3kv,3.3kv, 6kv, 6.6kv,10kv,11kv
    8 Frequency available 50Hz , 60Hz

    This motor can be processed by the anticorrosion anti-mould-proof process to derive outdoor (W) and outdoor corrosion protection (WF) motors. High efficiency, energy saving, low vibration, small size, light weight, reliable performance and easy installation and maintenance. The frame is made of steel plate being welded up into form of square tank shape with light weight and firm rigidity. Stator is an outer-press-assembly structure. The stator winding is F grade insulation at the winding’s end part being firm banded. The whole stator has been treated with VPI technology to make stator with a robust body and good electric and moisture proof. The rotor can be developed into casting aluminum rotor or copper bar rotor. The copper cage rotor guide bar and end ring are welded by intermediate frequency, and the copper guide bar diameter groove is treated with solid technology to make it have high reliability.

    Ideal for driving all kinds of general machinery, such as water pump, fan, compressor, crusher and etc.
    6.Motor Pics
    Ykk 200kw High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motor
    Ykk 200kw High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motor
    Ykk 200kw High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motor
    Ykk 200kw High Voltage Squirrel Cage Motor

    Pre-sales service: 

    •We are a sales team, with all technical support from engineer team.
    •We value every inquiry sent to us, ensure quick competitive offer within 24 hours.
    •We cooperate with customer to design and develop the new products. Provide all necessary document.

    After-sales service:
    •We respect your feed back after receive the motors.
    •We provide 1years warranty after receipt of motors..
    •We promise all spare parts available in lifetime use.
    •We loge your complain within 24 hours.

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